Friday, September 19, 2008

Tim Burton vs Lewis Carroll

Tim Burton one of my favorite directors of all time has signed on to direct one of the most creative books of  all time, Alice in Wonderland!!! Imagine what he is going to come up with.... Ufff I cant wait! I greatly respect and admire Tim Burton from his animation, movies and books. He is definitely a master of fantasy! I think it's gonna be a great challenge on his plate, because no one, not even Disney can come close to capturing the surreality and complexity of that book, but if anyone can, it's him!!! Go Burton!!!

The Release is on March 5th, 2010 and it's now in pre-production. . His muse Johnny Deep is going to be the Mad Hatter.  It wouldn't come as a surprise as Johnny plays in almost all his best movies including, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow, Charley and the Chocolate Factory among others.  Now my question is will his wife Helena Bonham Carter be involved in this project???

Oh well...with or with out her I cant wait to be in a theater watching it already!!! I wonder if I send my resume if he would be interested?  It would be awesome to be part of this gothic magic project!!!

P.S. I hear the movie is gonna be in 3-D!! How cool is that?!?

Have a great week-end!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Use a Condom or Become a Republican!

Yesterday I watched the MTV Videos Music Awards and every year I convince myself, time really has changed. I remember back in the days when the whole furor of MTV music & videos started. Everything was always a big surprise, filled with great lineups like, GO Go's, MEN AT WORK, PETER TOSH etc..  Today it seems so different and almost like it's run by a mafia.

I am happy for Britney, but 3 awards???? It seems they are doing everything they can to have her back on top.  Come on she was competing with TING TINGS and Katy Perry among others that were more on the top lists this year...  How this can happen????

I personally think the British host did great, with the typical British humor, and I love that he went all the way saying please vote for Obama!!! He made so much fun about that cowboy president of ours and the republican vice presidential candidate Sara Palin, saying USE A CONDOM OR BECOME A REPUBLICAN that was Hilarious!!!  Love him for that!!!  I personally think how crazy it is that republicans are against abortion but yet they totally support having 10,000,000 guns?????? Crazy elephants!!!

I personally love the look of Katy Perry, she looks totally like a Pin up girl!!!! Sexy!!!! I want to share these pics of her and a cool remix for her song I KISSED A GIRL. 



Thursday, September 4, 2008

Avocado mousse dessert!!!

Avocados!!! They are so good for you, and you can prepare the most yummy meals, or if you prefer you can also use them as a facial, for hair treatment, skin lotion, etc..  For me it's the Zen in my House!!  No exaggeration.... Thats why i want to share this different and refreshing dessert that is very famous in Brasil and it's so easy to make. 

**You will need one avocado**

**milk-soy milk-whatever milk you dig**


**Rasberries** but u can use  strawberries too

Put in the mixer half of the avocado in pieces. Add a little bit of milk.  Not to much, because u dont want a shake.

Add the sugar


Ps: with a spoon mix the consistency until you feel is the right one !!! 
Serve and Throw the Rasberries ,strawberries, blueberries !!!! 

Voila!!! Time to try !!!! Hope u enjoy it!!!!

Twelve ways to dress for less!!!!! Pussycats Edition...

#1: Thrift baby Thrift! I know this one is is pretty common, but for me it's the best of all. You never know what you will find there, and it's is an adventure, which can be a blessing and a curse. Hit or miss, but occasionally you'll find the deal of the century!!! 
#2: Exchange. Make a trip in your closet, try on that old skirt that is camouflaging itself in the dark corner. If the problem is that you are waiting to loose some weight so you can fit in it again  just throw it in a bag and get rid of it! Get rid of anything you do not use.  Go to your friends and give them first dibs on your giveaways before you drop them off at the thrift for an exchange.  It may be old to you, but new to them!!! 
 #3: Buy basics and dress them up. The little black dress, black pants, white collared blouse, nice and soft cashmere sweaters, great pair of sexy jeans, killer black shoes and very iconic jewelry pieces and you are good to go!!! They never go out of style. And of course with a little imagination you can play and incorporate colors!!!
#4: Needles come to mommy. How many times have u not worn that special shirt because its missing a button??? Dedicate an afternoon fixing these little imperfections. Sewing a button is easy and every lady should own a needle and thread.
 #5: Go hunting the discounts stores before you hit the mall. My favorite baggy pants come from Target. Whatever your local store is, Walmart, Kmart, Target ...go and hit it!!! It's funny to say I get really dizzy in these types of places, but it's totally worth it!!!
#6: Not crazy in love, DON'T buy it. This applies to everything ladies, but this edition is a fashion edition so I wont change the curse. ha!... This may seem obvious, but lots of ladies, including myself have bought clothes without totally feeling it.  What I mean is don't just buy to buy or you'll regret it!!!  It's the worst feeling. Decide to only buy clothes you are truly in love with, the ones that make u say WOW!!!! The second you look at yourself in the mirror too much, PUT IT BACK!!!!
#7: Buy off season. If there are pants, coats, shoes that you've been dreaming about, but can't afford, wait until the end of the season to buy them.  If you can't wait that long, keep and eye out on specials!!!
#8: Explore your closet. I'm always amazed at the clothes I discover every time I go digging though my closet.  I always find stuff I totally forgot I had. Play with the clothes, do the entire production::take polaroids, do hair/make up.  It'll be fun for you and your significant other to see you all crazy, changing like a chameleon!!! 
#9: Pay attention to the label. Don't you dare throw the colors with whites or that wool sweater in the dryer on high heat.. Please read the instructions!!! It may not seem important, but there's a reason they put them on all the clothes.
#10: Green. Leave the plastic at home and carry only cash on your thrift or mall expedition.   You wont spend more than you carry, believe me, and you will be more careful to choose, because you only have a set amount for the whole trip. It works! 
#11: The best for the best. This may seem like a contradiction if you want to save money, but sometimes it pays to pay. Last week I found a real crocodile bag for $50 bucks, a real bargain and will probably last longer than a plastic knock off!!!
#12: Focus on Quality not Quantity. Its better to have few things that you really love than  a lot of things you kind of like!!!!

Enjoy and try to apply it!!!!  You will feel like the ladies on top!!!!

Pics by Li      

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rumble Fish

The other night I was changing the channels looking for indie or retro plex (my two favs), when I ran into ''RUMBLE FISH'' a Francis Ford Coppola movie from (1983) with Matt Dillon and the papasito Mickey Rourke.  Amazing 80's flick!!!!  It's black and white which makes it very artsy.   It has great shadows, beautiful lighting, great costume design and the set was stunning! Ohhh and I almost forgot, the soundtrack is a time machine back to The Police era reggae rock style! In fact the score was made by Stewart Copeland from the Police!  Spectacular!!!!  I saw it a very long time ago and definitely have to buy it. I dont even know how is not in my collection yet!!!! I leave u with the trailer...

Enjoy it!!!

Feeling Nirvana

I just love this time of the year, makes me have a 
sense of positive optimism...  It's almost time to

After 8 long years of suffering, bad reputation, horrible economy and sometimes I even have shame for that clown with a suit and tie!!!

Does he look at himself in the mirror?? What does he see?

Maybe a funny and stupid face with giant Mickey Mouse ears???  Sorry Mickey I have nothing against you, it's just the picture I get in my mind

I was watching the democratic convention and wow it was a lot of people!  There was a statistic that 38 million people watched Obamas acceptance speech, even more than the Olympic opening ceremonies!!!!   Imagine that was absolutely huge at the global level, makes me think people are craving for a  CHANGE!!!!! Go OBAMA!!!  

The picture above is from the artist BANKSY a dude that creates stencils and puts his point of view in famous and infamous walls around the world, leaving sublime messages of all kinds. Just like antennas!!!  Ohhh and he's still anonymous like Daft Punk, I love that!!!
Check out his web page at