Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cool Weather & Dark Movies

FINALLY!!!! The best days of Miami are around the corner with this amazing weather! It seems like the end of the year in the Flamingo Paradise it's going to be nice and cold!

Adding to that Halloween is this weekend.  My favorite time of the year!  Oh yeah, it's definitely the most fun and enigmatic day!  I love watching a marathon of crazy old & new horror movies during this time of the year. Not only does it give me inspiration for my costume, but it makes the entire black month more interesting. 

I want to share a classic horror movie from the 80's called 'AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON'. I'm sure you've probably seen it, it's a Classic!!!!  Don't you just love it?  So kinky and 80's.  It's a mix of comedy & light horror with Rick Baker handling the amazing special effects and making a statement.  

I was reading his profile today and he's been linked with some of the most amazing special effects movies like::Norbit/X-men 3/Hellboy/Batman Forever, etc.. (check his profile).  The soundtrack is pretty amazing also, and has that famous song from 'Credence Clearwater Revival' called 'Bad Moon Rising'.  The director's name is Jonh Landis, the same guy that directed Animal House.  I think he loves to play with different types of animals..... 

Here's the preview.  Hope you enjoy it and check out the movie if you've never seen it before or haven't seen it in a while.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Great Depression?!?!!

We've been watching the collapse of economy, getting worse & worse and it's pretty scary! With all the foreclosures, wallstreet, credit and trust issues etc... It really is starting to look like the great depression (1930's) Uff I dont even want to think about it, but at the same time it's reality and we need to be concerned about whats going on.

My friend ( Cinzia ) just got back from Europe, Italy to be specific and she was telling me how bad it is over there too! Not just the economy/Euro, but also the racisism. Incredible how times change and how everything is cyclical. I remember back in 1999 when I used to live in Europe every country had their own currency. It was amazing! The dollar was so strong that you'd change it and do miracles with it!! Now racism is something that needs to go away already...

Funny thing is that in my country (Colombia) people are getting richer and richer everyday ....What the heck are they doing??? I imagine.. 'PALO TORCIDO NUNCA ENDERECE!' Ha!

November 4 is the election and you can feel the tension in all the debates that we've been watching. Oh people I dont want to be negative, but dont think that the new president (hopefully Obama) is going to clean all the Bush-Shit he gave us! That is gonna take awhile and dont hate me, but like I said before, everything is cyclical and it will definitely take a long ride before we get back on track! So tighten up your wallets and be aware because this is looking more like a third world country where there's just two clasess::Rich or Poor! Plus I hope you are not a racist, remember racism is not only about color it's also about a way of living!!! Let's be more counscious and open with people no matter if they are from out of town, speak poor English, or don't look cool, BE REAL FOR REAL!!!! Let's try to make this world a better place!!!!! Even with the economy and chaos let's be thankful for what we have!

P.S. My Boyfriend thinks the Antichrist is coming... LOL!

Cheers from La Editora!

Monday, October 6, 2008

There she is, walking down the street...

I took these pictures to challenge myself. I wanted to use natural lighting and a simple pocket digital camera (I usually use a Leica) . The model (Diana) is a very good friend of mine, so it basically made it easy to shoot, plus she is a natural babe!

We went around 305 focusing more on the Design District neighborhood. It was really hottt, but we had a blast! Miami these days are hell! So if you are from out of town and wanna visit Miami, I highly recommend you to come in December!

I hope you like the pics and the styling... Taken with LOVE!!!