Friday, January 16, 2009

She's got a Tiger Face and a Human Body

I was going through my photos and I got stuck on these.  I just love these images and all the memories the pics have. Reminds me of my friend and me listening to good tunes, tripping with the clothes, playing with her masks, my bunny and chatting about politics and shit. It was definitely AMAZING! We never planned any of this, it just came along with the energy and for the love of art.  So.... Cheers to that! 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day at the thrift

I got to admit one of my favorites things in life is an escape to the thrift world! LOVE IT!!!! How could you not? When I'm there I feel like I travel in time with all types of 70's dresses, vintage hats, amazing 50's glasses, the most chic and funky shoes with all types of heals, colors, and patterns to die for.  

I usually go to different ones, but when I go to Flamingo plaza, (one of my favorites) I never come back with empty hands or with any dough in my wallet. 

Another cool thing about thrifts is the trips there. On your way there you get to see all types of different people. From people selling fruits in a old wooden house to people dressed as the Statue of Liberty to African women dressed up all white from head to toe with tons of necklaces, like some Cuban or Brazilian santeros or children playing ball on the side of the street, etc.  

When you get there it feels like paradise! Some friends and family think I'm crazy when they see me with something unusual, they always say it's from the thrift, ah it's Li! LOL! I constantly laugh because it's such a coincidence that at the most unexpected moment the blouse or pant that I'm wearing when I see them is from a thrift! 

Believe it or not it's also a good cause to buy at a thrift.  It's like you are recycling and there's nothing more sexy than to contribute to our planet ladies and gentlemen!!!!  

Be green and buy at the THIFT!  :)

Pics by Li