Monday, November 17, 2008

The time has come!!!

My dears prepare your soul, body and of course comfy shoes, because Cut Copy is on tour and is gonna be visiting Florida!

What stupendous news for the year 2009 ! To be more specific it's in Orlando March 27, 2009. Tickets are not available yet, but I promise I will keep posting about it. I can feel this is going to be huge, so if I were you I will not make any plans for that night.

Love their last album IN GHOST COLORS, great, great, great! It's the type of CD that you can leave the whole thing on and never get bored. My fav song is FAR AWAY but all the rest are amazing too! All I can say is time for... Lights and Music!!!!


Diana said...

Im not fan .000000001 but it sucks the guy doesnt have any idea who the band is. If I was intreviwering I will find about them first.

Anyway, we'll see if I start liking them more when I see them.

the.ramonas said...

nooo!!! i want to go with you guys!!! miss you! miss li... keep postng more often!!!